When the news of Crossroads axing came fans were angered. Many felt that just eight weeks on air wasn’t long enough for Crossroads to gain massive ratings.

Low ratings were due to a new timeslot and lack of advertising, they claimed. And although there was a lower rating figure the new show enjoyed a cult following. Those who watched the show thoroughly enjoyed it.

On April 15h 2003 the Crossroads 2003 and Beyond yahoo group was founded by Norman Hayes. The idea was that on June 2nd 2003 and Beyond would write a continuation of the series. We would carry on storylines started in the show and also create our own.

As well as keeping the television characters we also created new ones who added spice of Crossroads.

Season One;

Our first series of episodes ran from June 2003- August 2003. Our first episodes on June 2nd 2003 carried on from the last episode on ITV.

Our aim during the first season was to build on what had been started by the television series. We wanted to carry on many of the storylines that had been in the show but add our own twists. We also created new storylines and new characters for the show. In line with how the show was developing on television we kept the humour, campness and glamour of Crossroads.

Major new storylines started in the first season were: Jonathan-Kate-Angel & Max love triangle, The Price war between Angel & Oona, Scott's sexuality crisis, Sylvia Robert's arrival, Patty-Betty-Virginia & Rocky love triangle & the return of Billy Taylor.

The first season ran for 42 episodes and introduced a host of  new characters. It concluded, in early August 2003, with the return of a character from the television's Second Series. The final episode of Season One was a two-hander episode between two of the most popular characters of recent years.

Season Two;

At the start of our third series we had just reached our 50th episode of Crossroads and we were working towards the 5000th episode of Crossroads, on the 40th anniversary year of the once great television soap.

Season One was about picking up where the television series left off. Season Two was about the countdown to the 5000th episode and the finale of several major storylines. We were building on many elements that made Crossroads enjoyables and also continued to add new characters to the show. As well as this we had also bought back several past characters in storylines that would see them naturally return. However, we decided not to bring back too many characters from the past, as we wanted to, and still do, concentrate more on the future.

Season Three;

Season Three marked a new direction from 2003 & Beyond. With the conclusion of Season Two came the conclusion of all storylines that were set up during the 2003 televison series. The Jenny Roberts saga & the Ethan Black saga were over. Season Two saw the departure of a handful of characters that had served their purpose and sesaon three saw several permament characters join and a host of other seasonal characters.

Season Three  changed the direction of Crossroads,  but only slightly. The season kept the Dynasty/Dallas feel that 2003 set up. However, the storylines and the soap now featured the town of Kings Oak more. From this series onwards the action didn't just centre around Crossroads but also King's Oak and the lives of people around the town.

Season Four;

The Fourth season marked a new era for Crossroads 2003 & Beyond. Series Producer Douglas Lambert who had overseen Season Two & Three decided to take a break from running the group. Nick Beat took his place and the season was put on hold while planned storylines and characters were reviewed, rewritten or binned.

Season Four has now resumed with a host of episodes showcasing new and exicting storylines. So keep tuned!

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