King's Oak may seem like a nice idealic village, with your archetypical bad guy, but scratch at the surface to reveal the crime capital within. There's residents in King's Oak who haven't committed a crime at some point and the Police don't fare much better. Three of their officers have broken the law as well! Here we take a look at the criminals and what they've done.

Max Samson: In the very first episode of Mark Three Mr. Samson murdered his mistress, Jenny Roberts, and buried her within the Crossroads groups. He then ordered Joe Winter and his son, Ryan, to break into Lady Alice Fox's home and steal some paintings. Add blackmail to the list and cutting corners in the King's Oak development, intimidation and money laundering.

Angel Samson: Helped Max to cover up the murder of Jenny Roberts, so that's assisted murder, aiding and abetting and perverting the course of justice. Angel has also blackmailed the off person and held Lady Alice Fox hostage.

Ryan Samson: Broke into Lady Alice Fox's house and stole some of her paintings so his father could blackmail her.

Joe Winter: Helped Ryan break into Alice Fox's home. After discovering Max had killed his sister, Jenny, he held the man at gun point before agreeing to keep quiet.

Cleo Samson: Perverting the course of justice for not informing the Police of Max's murder of Jenny Roberts.

Oona Stocks: Oona had a mini breakdown and kidnapped Baby Holly from Billy and Kate.

Honey Raymond: Attempted to poison Jimmy Samson and then blackmailed Max into giving her a job at Crossroads.

Nicky Raymond: Conned guests out of money by sleeping with them and blackmailing them.

Adam Chance: Murdered someone he thought was his wife, Jill, then attacked someone he believed to be his step daughter, Sarah-Jane/Louise Dixon, then blackmailed her into dropping charges once he discovered he real identify. After being released from jail he stalked the real Sarah-Jane then kidnapped her, and boyfriend Billy, and held them capative in a church crypt. He tried to kill them all by burning it down but all three escaped. After returning to King's Oak he committed criminal damage, by putting a virus onto the Crossroads network, then worked with Nicky to blackmail hotel guests.

Louise Dixon: Stole someone's identity to get her hands on Crossroads shares and then conned the Russell family out of a lot of money.

Wanda Wise: When we first saw Wanda she was in jail for credit card fraud. Wanda then attempted to blackmail Max into giving her money.

Susie Samson: A total bitch who committed various crimes during her time in King's Oak. Was paid to sleep with Billy Taylor, blackmailed various residents and stole money from various people. It's no wonder she ended up being murdered.

Dale Kingston:  Became addicted to drugs and had to prostitute himself to pay for his drug habit.

Betty Waddell: (Highlight text in white box to read her crime)

Murdered Susie Samson!

Ethan Black: Murdered Harvey Soloman, killed Jimmy Samson, shot Sister Grace, kidnapped Honey Raymond, Nicky Raymond, Sylvia King, Max Samson and DS Sally Jenson. Blackmailed Patty Maynard, Sister Grace, DC Michael Richardson, Sylvia King and Honey Raymond into working for him. Attempted to murder Max Samson.

Patty Maynard: Perverting the course of justice, blackmail, intimidation and hiring a prostitute.

Jack Baxter: Local 'godfather' who runs drug rackets and prostitution in the area. Had his son-in-law shot dead for cheating, had his worker Leo Price shot dead and ordered the murder of Superintendent Susan Jackson.

Leo Price: Drug dealer, arsonist and pimp.

Nick Smith: Drug dealer, arsonist, pimp and beat up Dale Kingston

Lillian Baxter: Same as Jack Baxter.

DC Michael Richardson: Helped Ethan Black and was responsible for the murders of Superintendent Susan Jackson and Sergeant Rubie Lenton.

PC Jamie Dodd: A racist thug who helped extremists in King's Oak, attacked Roz Cornwall and assisted in the murder of Susan Jackson and killed Rubie Lenton.

DCI John Macwell: Covered up for his friend, Max Samson, and was generally corrupt.

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