This letter was first published on the Crossroads Fan Club website in 2003. Following on from a previous open letter to Peter Rose, this one was again sent to Carlton, and new producer Yvon Grace. Unlike Peter Rose, this one recived a reply.


Dear Yvon,

I would like to start by congratulating you on your appointment as the new executive producer of Crossroads. Most Crossroads fans are in agreement that the new series has been in crisis almost from the start and that a new beginning is desperately needed. The Crossroads Fan Club hopes that under you the series will regain its rightful position as one of the UK's leading soaps. The fact that you have declared yourself to be a fan of the old Crossroads is an encourgaing sign that things might at last move in the right direction. But there are a number of major changes that need to take place.

Firstly, the new Crossroads desperately needs to regain a link with the original series. 18 million people watched the old Crossroads and the overwhelming majority of them have not been attracted to the new series because there is no link to the programme they used to know and love. Although many well-loved Crossroads stars are no longer with us, there are many other popular actors who are readly and willing to return. Fans have been calling for Paul Henry (Benny) to return before the new series even began and Stan Stennett (Sid Hooper) has also expressed a willingness to return. These are both actors who would help to bring millions of lost viewers back.

In addition to these two, characters such as Barbara Hunter (Sue Lloyd), Glenda Banks (Lynette McMorrough), Miranda Pollard (Claire Faulconbridge), Kevin Banks (David Moran), Sharon Metcalfe (Carolyn Jones), Doris Luke (Kathy Staff), Sandor Eles (Paul Ross), Adam Chance (Tony Adams) and many others could be brought back into the series quite plausibly and would help to restore the programme. Even Jane Rossington's return as Jill is not completely precluded by the storyline so far, despite the crass and cynical write-out that the character suffered in the first few months of the new series' run.

Secondly, the series needs to concentrate on more adult storlyines and appeal to a wider section of the public. The old Crossroads was just as popular among school-children as it was among the elderly. Its appeal cut across age and class barriers and kept viewers hooked by the quality of the storylines and the acting of the regular cast. We believe that some form of consultation with the writers and producers of the old Crossroads would surely be helfpul.

Jack Barton produced Crossroads through its most successful period and could be brought on board in an advisory capacity. Perhaps it might also help to speak to Peter Ling and Hazel Adair who originally devised the series and worked for many years to make it the phenomenal success it was.

In short, it is important to remember that Crossroads is a programme with a long history and not an entirely new series. So far the new Crossroads has behaved too much like a new series attempting to trade on the name of a successful programme of the past.

Fans of the old series have objected to the many continuity errors which have plagued the programme to date. The appointment of a new producer gives us great hope that Crossroads may yet return to its former glories!

Daniel Landsberger
Crossroads Fan Club

Carlton Television's Reply:


Dear Daniel

Many thanks for your recent email to Yvon Grace, Executive Producer of Crossroads.  As I am sure you will understand, Yvon is very busy at present with preparations for the new series and has asked me to respond on her behalf.

We read your comments on the show with great interest and totally agree that the show must reach out to appeal to as wide an audience as possible.

Please be assured that Yvon has great respect for the tremendous heritage of Crossroads and has very exciting plans to restore it to the halcyon days when it was a "must-see" cornerstone of the ITV schedule.

Everyone on the editorial team of Crossroads shares your desire to see the show regain its rightful position as one of the UK's leading soaps.  We all look forward to hearing your impressions of the next phase of Crossroads when it goes on air early next year.

In the meantime please do keep me posted with any fan club news.  We are always keen to receive feedback from the show's loyal audience.

With best wishes

Clive King
Series Story Executive, Crossroads

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