Over the course of our seasons, and the spin-offs, we've notched up an array of guest stars from different areas of television. Listed below are just some of the more famous ones. For a full list see the bottom of the page.


Anthony Stewart-Head: Famed for playing Giles in 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' and for various guest roles on British television, Anthony appeared in several episodes as Edward Price, brother of successful fashion expert Jonathan Price.

Nigel Harvers: Perhaps most famous for his role in Dangerfield as his stage work. On Dangerfield he worked along side Jane Gurnett (Kate Russell) so when a love interest for Kate was being developed Nigel was the obvious choice for actor. In Crossroads he appeared in two seasons as Jonathan Price.

Joan Collins: Played the 'super-bitch' Alexis Carrington in 80s mega soap Dynasty and recently appeared as Eva De Woff in bonkers brit show Footballers Wives. In Crossroads Joan played the formidable Alexis Windsor who had a fight live on television with her husband's mistress.

Liz Smith: Liz has appeared in some of the nation's favourite comedy shows including Vicar Of Dibley 2.4 Children and The Royle Family. In Crossroads she played Patty Maynard, the devious, bitchy and manipulative mother of Angel Samson who took 'super-bitch' to new levels.

Joanna Lumley: To millions she is known as Patsy in Absolutely Fabulous but also appeared in Sapphire & Steel and Coronation Street. In Crossroads she played Lydia Maynard, the put upon sister of Angel.

Return to King's Oak

Detailing those characters who have returned to King's Oak in 2003 And Beyond.

Jake Booth: One of the most popular characters of Mark Two and his dastardly treatment of Tracey, and various affairs, resulted in him being considered one of the best villains on TV. Jake disappeared during the 'year gap' between Mark Two and Three and no explanation was offered on screen. Our continuation revealed that he left King's Oak after Vic left him nothing in his will. Jake moved to King's Oak to work for a friend of Max's out there, a sweetener to make sure he didn't contest the will. Jake returned to King's Oak for the wedding of his mother, Kate, to Billy and discovered his son was gay. He naturally blamed Tracey for it, he always blamed her for everything, and more arguments followed. His next return was for the anniversary of Vic's death before returning again after the revelation that Vic was also Ryan's father. During his time in New York he remarried ambitious but highly spoilt Falcoon.

Billy Taylor: After character, highly popular, that simply disappeared and wasn't mentioned during Mark Three. We revealed that Billy left after Phil Berry's murder trial. Billy realised Kate wouldn't have enough time for him so he returned to Scotland and got together with Gloria,  a wedding organiser. He returned to King's Oak to clear the air between him and Kate but left under a cloud, trying to rip off The Stocks. But Billy was soon back and determined to stop Kate marrying Jonathan Price. Kate and Billy married much to the anger of Nicola who tried at every opportunity to spilt them up. Nicola got her wish after disappearing from Crossroads Billy too up sticks and went back to Scotland. He once again realised that Kate wouldn't have time for him.

Adam Chance: In Mark Two Adam was last seen in a burning crypt after taking Sarah-Jane Harvey and Billy Taylor hostage. He was presumed to have perished in the inferno but his body was never found. He returned, at first, in a soap bubble episode where he caught up with Sarah again. His return to King's Oak, and Crossroads, came during Angel's breakdown. She hired him at Crossroads and made him her right-hand man. He continually plotted to bring down the Samson's and get his hands on Crossroads.

Nicola Russell: Another victim of the King's Oak Bermuda Triangle that sprang up during the gap between Mark Two and Three. Nicola simply vanished but a vague reference in Mark Three hinted that she, and her husband Phil, were out in New York with Jake. Nicola returned to King's Oak for her mothers wedding and decided to stay put when she married the wrong man, Billy Taylor.

Phil Berry: Was about to rot in jail for the murder of his step-father, Brian Noakes, when Mark Two ended. In Mark Three it was hinted he and Nicola were in America but no explanation was given as to how he got out of jail. In 2003 And Beyond it was revealed he was found not guilty at his trial while the real murderer, Sam Delaney, was sent to prison. Phil returned with his wife, Nicola, for Kate's marriage and stayed put after, taking up a job at the hotel once more.

Louise Dixon: Last seen fleeing for her marriage to Mark Russell after conning Jake out of one hundred thousand pounds, while pretending to be Sarah-Jane Harvey. Louise returned to King's Oak to get hold of Crossroads, bring down the Samson's and introduce the world back to a certain someone..

Jill Chance: Seemingly murdered by her husband, Adam, on their wedding night. A body was pulled out of the Crossroads lake and the fake Sarah identified it as Jill. Adam then confessed to the fake Sarah that he had killed Jill. But Jill was very much alive and had fled to Spain to spend time with her son, Matthew. But she returned to King's Oak when Louise Dixon, who was the false Sarah, persuaded her to return to reclaim Crossroads.

Sarah-Jane Harvey: The real Sarah-Jane left originally to travel around the world with boyfriend, Mark. After returning to the UK they settled down but still occasionally went travelling. When Louise Dixon returned to King's Oak a fuming Tracey phoned Sarah to let her know. Sarah and Mark returned to confront them woman who had done them so much harm.

Mark Russell: Left with Sarah to go travelling and returned to confront Louise, who had conned everyone into thinking she was Sarah and left him standing at the alter.

Diane Lawrence: The troublesome business woman who was after Patrick in Mark Two before shagging up with Vic and then slept with his son, Jake. Diane returned for the Samson conference on the redevelopment project and for the anniversary of Vic's death. She delighted in causing plenty of trouble before returning to France after partner Ian dragged her back. Diane next returned in the spin-off, Sugar Way, where she was determined to make Angel pay for her treatment of Max and Vic.

Lady Alice Fox: A guest star during the Mark Three show who had plenty of potential but sadly this was never explored as the show was axed. Lady Alice Fox took in Max, for a brief while, after Angel threw him out. For her kindness Angel repaid her by kidnapping her. Further turmoil for Alice came when her stables were torched, in spin-off King's Beat, due to her involvement with Max. Alice invested in the King's Oak development plan, was again taken hostage along with party guests at her nephew's engagement party and briefly appeared in the other spin-off, Sugar Way.

Wanda Wise: Larger than life Wanda made several trips to Crossroads during her stint in Mark Three, most notably to try and blackmail Max as it turned out Belle was his daughter! Wanda returned several times to the Hotel to visit her daughters and generally cause trouble and wind up Angel and her family.

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