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Welcome to Fan Club Fan Fiction, and a look at the Carlton Television versions of the classic Midland soap, with "Crossroads 2003 and Beyond." As well as features and facts about the television soap which ran on ITV from March 2001 to May 2003 we also continue the soap opera from where the final ITV episode ended with our own new scripts.

From the 13th of Jan to the 30th of May 2003 the third series of Crossroads ran on ITV. It was axed just eight weeks into its run and the final episode was shown on the 30th of May. On April 15th 2003 Norman Hayes created our Yahoo Group with the aim of continuing Crossroads after it left our screens. On June 2nd that task was under taken and since then we written over one hundred episodes.

Crossroads is a soap opera set in and around the Midland village of Kings Oak. The main location is the Crossroads Hotel where pride and passion fuel the day to day events.

"Crossroads 2003 and Beyond" continue the story of the hotel and village in further online episodes. Here is where you'll find out about the fan fiction, read episodes and further information about the soap opera.

Latest Updates

All of Season One has now been uploaded and half of Season Three is now online. Also added are the "Special Episodes" which are outside the normal setting of Crossroads but still fit within the story arc.

The website is also now home to more facts about the Carlton Television versions of the soap. We are going to be adding lots of the features from the Destination Crossroads and Crossroads Emporium sites, which recently closed. Latest added: Kings Oak Bitches and Was It Crossroads?

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