SEASON ONE: June to August 2003

What we now refer to as our first season kicked off on June 2nd 2003. Angel awoke from a dream, where she was working at Stock's Supermarket. Angel quickly went downhill and had more weird dreams. She attacked Betty & Max with a knife, nearly committed suicide and then disappeared from the Hotel altogether. However, she turned up safe and well at her old friends, Sister Grace.

Ethan Black was fuming that Jimmy had betrayed him and want revenge. He planted a spy at Crossroads is the form of new receptionist, Honey Raymond. Honey was certainly a brilliant spy, finding out about; Angel's brief madness, Angel's affair with Joe, Max's murder of Jenny and she slept with Max. Ethan ordered Honey to get closer to Jimmy and she did. However, Honey fell in love with Jimmy and wanted out of Ethan's schemes. Ethan wasn't so keen and ordered her to kill Jimmy. Honey couldn't and tried to flee Crossroads but was caught by Ethan. He threatened Honey's daughter, Nicky, who he held hostage. If Honey didn't kill Jimmy, Ethan would kill Nicky. Honey tried to poison Jimmy & Ryan but failed. Honey once again tried to flee Crossroads but was taken hostage by Ethan Black. Sister Grace was also working for Ethan, he was blackmailing her, and he demanded that she set to work. Sister Grace couldn’t kill her friends and tried to flee but before doing so decided to try and free Honey. She teamed up with Jimmy but with tragic consequences. Ethan Black shot them both.

Scott Booth's new friend Cameron was revealed to be gay. Scott was in a relationship with Rio but was confused about his sexuality and ended up kissing Cameron. Rio found out about the kiss and ended their relationship and had her revenge before returning to America.

Billy Taylor briefly returned to Crossroads at the start of the season. Oona and Dave proposed that he went into business with them but Billy was secretly planning to buy the pub from himself. When Kate found out she had no choice but to tell Dave & Oona. Billy left King’s Oak in disgrace. A former flame of Kate’s, Jonathan Price, turned up at Crossroads to hold a fashion show. But it wasn’t that simply. Angel cat-napped Oona’s cat, Sable, and renamed it Mittens. Tragicly Mittens/Sable ended up in the kitchen’s freezer. Jonathan’s PA, Kelly Stanton, discovered the dead cat when Kate gave her the tour of Crossroads. The situation nearly caused Kelly to call off the fashion show. It did cause Oona and Angel to start a long and bitter war. Despite Betty replacing Sable, with Sable 2, tensions between the two women did not ease. Meanwhile Max got jealous of Kate & Jonathan, Angel got jealous of Max being jealous and Angel’s scheming mother, Patty, got devious. She tried to split up Jonathan and Kate so Angel and Jonathan could get together.

The first season ended with DS Sally Jenson arriving to investigate the shootings of Jimmy Samson and Sister Grace. And Billy Taylor returned once more to King’s Oak and had a two-hander episode with Kate.

SEASON TWO: August to November

In July 2003 Norman Hayes quit the group ad mists growing problems in finding writers for episodes.  A week of flashback episodes had been planned, going back to where Mark Two left off to discover why Billy left. However, due to the departure of Norman and the lack of writers Season One ended with the two-hander episode between Kate & Billy and 2003 And Beyond was suspended for three weeks.

By the time it returned it was August and the number of episodes per week was reduced to three, from five. The flashback episodes went ahead, as planned, but with only three instead of five. Phil Berry & Sam Delaney were placed on trial for the murder of Brian Noakes and while Phil was found innocent Sam was found guilty and received a life sentence. Joanne had been unsure of whether to trust Sam through the trail and in the end decided to leave King’s Oak to join Ray in Australia. Diane Lawerence returned to purse her relationship with Vic Barnes but he didn’t want to know.

She had an angry outburst at Kate, which prompted Billy’s decision to leave. He realised Kate had time for everyone but him. Meanwhile Vic gave Tracey & Scott a lift home. A car was on the wrong side of the road and Vic narrowly missed it. However, it caused Vic to have a heart attack..

Jake Booth returned to King’s Oak after a worried Tracey called him. It was quickly discovered that Scott was gay and in a relationship with Cameron. Jake wasn’t impressed and blamed Tracey’s sleeping with Bradley for Scott being confused about his sexuality. Jake finally began to accept Scott’s sexuality but it came too late. Scott discovered Cameron had lied to him about his parents knowing. Scott and Cameron split up and days later Cameron was killed in a hit and run.

Billy desperately tried to win Kate back and tried to warn off Jonathan. Meanwhile Angel made a pass at Jonathan while Patty tried to get Kate and Max together. It all spiralled out of control. Meanwhile the Samson family was thrown into turmoil when Jimmy Samson had a relapse at hospital and died. Sister Grace was left in a coma. Angel had a breakdown and blamed Max for the death. She threw him out of the Hotel and her mental state slowly detoriated. DS Sally Jenson suspected Ethan Black’s involvement from the start but she was also out to nail Max Samson for his dodgy ways.

Rocky and Virginia finally got engaged as did Kate & Jonathan. It was decided to two should have a double wedding.

Angel discovered Adam Chance in a church and gave him a job at Crossroads. His return wasn’t welcome with many remembering his murder of Jill Chance. However, Adam was working with a mysterious woman who wanted to bring down the Samson’s. Ethan Black still held Honey and Nicky hostage but Cleo decided to track down Ethan to his lair. Sylvia Roberts and Patty Maynard were now working for Ethan, both were forced to. Cleo discovered Ethan and Patty. But she was knocked out and then given a drug to make her forget all her discoveries.

Phil Berry, Jake Booth, Nicola Russell & Rio Brooke all returned for the double weddings. But on the hen night Kate slept with Billy and Jonathan slept with Angel. Vince developed a crush on Phil and Angel had gone bonkers. The ghost of Jimmy Samson permanently tormented her. She ruined the wedding by creating a power cut at the hotel and then turning up at the church to stop the wedding. Billy also turned up and told Kate he wanted her. Kate & Jonathan called off their wedding but the wedding between Virginia & Rocky went ahead. However, after the wedding their was a massive fight in the Crossroads Lake between Virginia & Betty, Kate & Angel, Billy & Jonathan. Devastated by Kate’s rejection of him and the whole disastrous marriage that never took place Jonathan Price fled King’s Oak, with PA Kelly Stanton, and hid from the press attention. Meanwhile Kate & Billy left Crossroads to get married somewhere tropical while Virginia and Rocky left for their honeymoon. The wedding episode was the 5000th episode of Crossroads and was over twenty-three thousand words long!

Angel had slowly been getting worse. She had kidnapped Sable 2 believing it to be Mittens 1. This had launched a price war between Crossroads and The Cat in the Moon as well as a personnel war. Oona kidnapped Sable 2 back and made sure that Angel didn’t get her “Paws” onto her cat again. On Halloween everything came to a head. Angel had convinced her self that Max was having an affair with Lady Alice Fox. Prompted by her visions of Jimmy, Angel went down to the Lady’s manor and took her hostage. Jimmy wasn’t the only one haunting King’s Oak on that Halloween night. Oona Stocks had a short and ghostly visitation from Mandy. Oona interrupted the event that Mandy wanted Oona & Dave to keep Holly and not Kate & Billy. Angel threatened to kill Lady Alice Fox while Max, Cleo, Joe & Ryan along with DCI Macwell & SO19 waited outside the mansion. Jimmy Samson then visited Angel and showed her the future if Angel killed Lady Alice Fox:

Angel & Wanda share a prison cell together. Cleo has had a breakdown and is missing. Ryan had a crisis of sexuality and turned gay while Kate & Max got together. Angel’s Crossroads was being refurbished back to its 2001 look. Horrified by this alternative future Angel finally let Lady Alice Fox go but not before accusing Max of killing Jenny Roberts. Angel was sectioned.

Angel accusing Max of Jenny’s killing was put down to her mental state of mind. However, in the final week of season two all that changed. In a series of two-handers the terrible truth came out. The first two-hander was between Sylvia Roberts & Joe Winter. With Ethan Black dead and Angel locked away Sylvia decided it was time Joe knew what really happened to Jenny. Joe was angry that his mother had kept the truth from him but even more angry when he discovered that Max had killed Jenny. The next two-hander was between Cleo & Joe. Joe confronted Cleo with the truth and Cleo realised her mother had told the truth all along. The final two-hander was between Angel and Cleo. Cleo confronted her mother about the murder and her actions. In the final episode of Season Two Joe Roberts confronted Max with a gun, Honey and Nicky blackmailed their way into a job, Nicola and Jake decided to split a returning Kate & Billy up, Oona decided that she wasn’t going to give Holly back to Billy & the Hotel celebrated Bonfire night with fireworks.

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