The King's Beat

The King's Beat was a very late development in the development of the Susie Samson saga. The original idea was to have DS Sally Jenson and DCI Macwell (recurring characters from season two) to return to investigate Susie's murder. However, it was realised rather late the idea wasn't going to work as there were too many other storylines going on at one time. There wouldn't be enough time in episodes to allow for the investigate. Therefore a six-part spin-off was quickly devised to allow for a full investigation of the murder. A small cast of characters were created, with both Sally Jenson and Macwell returning, and plot details were worked out so events were referenced in episodes of Crossroads.

After the finale of the first season, and the conclusion of the Susie Samson murder, it was decided that the King's Beat held potential for a longer spin-off. Another series with ten stories, some of which would be two-partners, was commissioned and the small cast was greatly extended. Crossovers with Crossroads were created, with Honey Raymond entering into a relationship with Paul Donnelly.

The second series started to focus on the private lives of the officers, with new DCI Andrew Tarrant's coming under particular pressure and DS Marc Reynold's strained marriage was also focused on. Popular characters that were introduced included DS Laura Corren, DC Matthew Connor and FME Sarah Noble, all of whom have crossed over into Crossroads and other spin-offs.

After the conclusion of the second series yet another was commissioned. It was originally planned to run for 12 stories but this was cut down to three stories, with the first story spanning four episodes and the other two being two-parters.

 The first story saw a disaster hit King's Oak when a train smashed into the train station while a racist march was taking place. Several characters from Crossroads (Oona, Dave, Virginia and Rocky) crossed over and were trapped inside a train that was at the station. The four parter saw two original characters, WPC Roz Cornwall and DC Kelly Rover, killed off in the incident. The series finale saw another two characters killed, Superintendent Susan Jackson and Sergeant Rubie Lenton, both killed by corrupt PC Jamie Dodd and newly returned DC Michael Richardson (a crossroads season two recurring character). DS Sally Jenson decided to transfer over to M.I.T while DS Simon Water-Bridge took compassionate leave.

The shocking season finale was intended to wrap up everything and end the King's Beat. However, when it was decided to end Crossroads and have a major crossover with The King's Beat the spin-off was revived. As well as the two finales, which saw all the King's Beat characters guest, another series was commissioned with a different approach. A grittier edge was introduced and another batch of new characters joined, several of whom had already served at the station before. Season Four once again saw several multi-part stories linked together with a rough story arch, the past. The past came back to haunt King's Oak during the 4th season with three charactes returning, all of whom had been at the station before the start of the show. The first story, a two-partner, concerned the re-opening of a serial killer investigation, focusing on a set of murders from 1995. After Season Four finished several "short tales" were written which focused on several characters and a crime investigation based storyline, more such episodes are planned.

Sugar Way

The finales' may have ended Crossroads, for now, but the story continues here. A spin-off set in the new housing development of King's Oak, a desperate housewives meets Emmerdale. The Raven/Wesson family and what remains of the Samson family adjust to life in Sugar Way. The neighbours all have secrets and lies and they have a habit of coming out. Life for the characters will be far from smooth and not everyone will survive.

Season One: The Raven family are forced to move in with firty Janine Byston after the collapse of their house during the Xroads finales. Janine wastes no time in flirting with Ryan. Meanwhile Rio struggles to deal with the death of Danny. The Samson's are forced to move in with 'commoners' Ashley and Demi Ellis. Carran Royle moves into a flat above the Cross Keys, ran by Debbie and Marty. All three are soon forced to check into Crossroads thanks to rats. It seems corners were cut during the building of the new estate and Lydia & Patty Maynard are taking the flack for it. Religious Deanna Smithon, Mrs. Sharp and Father Wainwright annoyed their neighbours with their moral stance over everything that happened.

Jan and Max broke out of prison and framed Angel for helping them but Patty provided a false alibi and Angel was released. Demi found out she was pregnant and decided to have an abortion. Scott Booth visited Rio to tell her he was off to Australia to see Nathan. Lady Alice Fox bought a house on Sugar Way for her nephew Casper and his fiancée Zara Harper. Chloe Royle quit her job at Crossroads while Carran brought two empty units on the parade with the intention of turning them into a gaybar. Rio attempted to commit suicide after a vicious run in with Tracey Booth.

Season Two: A new Italian family moved into Sugar Way and opened up a Bistro. Dale Kingston, a regular from C2003AB, moved into the street with his wife Patricia. The main storyline of the season was the count down to the redevelopment finale and Deanna Smithon's involvement with a crazy and dangerous religious cult. Rio Brooke became the victim of a stalker when crazed Kelly escaped from the same hospital RIo had stayed in after her suicide attempt. Kelly drugged and kidnapped Rio but Rio was rescued by her friend, Marshall. The reprecussions of Demi's abortion were felt when Ashley threw her out and she was taken in by an unlikely person, Deanna. Dale couldn't remain faithful to Patricia and had an affair with bisexual Lorenzo Corloene. Janine was forced into prositution by Nick Smith and but quickly set her eyes on Malio Corleone, who's marriage to Talia was difficult at best.

The season finale saw all the characters, and several from Crossroads and The King's Beat, in the Crossroads grouns, by the lake, for the celebrations for the completion of the redevelopment. The season finale would set things up for the following season, which would have a story arc dealing with "grief".

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